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What is the procedure involved in the process?

  • First the school has to provide us the syllabus covered in the class.
  • After that we provide the customized assessments to the school via courier along with the OMR sheets for answers for each student.
  • Then after assessment conduction, the school courier us the OMR sheets.
  • After that the OMR sheets are evaluated and Personalized Feedbacks are generated.
  • The personalized feedback for teachers as well as parents is sent back to school via courier for distribution.

How many assessments do you take?

Assessments can be conducted anytime of the year but the most suitable plan to get the best results for the students is to conduct the assessments on quarterly basis i.e 3 assessments ( Math + science +English) each quarter of the session. That means a total of 12 assessments in a year.

Does your team conduct the assessments in the school time?

It can be conducted in a single period of the particular subject and the invigilation is done by the subject teacher present in the class at that time.

How are the assessments conducted?

Pencil paper assessments are conducted in the school and the OMR sheets are provided to the students for writing the answers. The OMR sheets are sent to us for evaluation and after the evaluation, personalized feedback for parents as well as teachers are sent to the school.

How do you decide which chapters are to be included in the assessment?

We go hand in hand with the curriculum of the school. First assessment is designed on the basis of the syllabus covered till that point of time. You tell us the number of chapters which your teachers have covered for every class and we include questions from only those chapters in the assessment. So our assessments are personalized and customized according to the school requirements.

Who design the questions for the assessments?

We have a faculty of 40 educationists each of them having 30 years of experience in their domain. The questions are designed and reviewed by a team of experts.