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Personalized feedback for parents

Knowing stronger areas of
my child helped me nurture
his potential from an early age…
Thanks EdRubric’s
Personalized Feedback!

How Personalized Feedback TM can help you nurture your child’s potential?

Every authority in education aims at improving learning outcomes of students. Today teachers, parents and institutions are putting their best efforts to bridge the learning gaps of children. It is a huge task and eats away a lot of time of every stakeholder to get information such as how a child is performing in a particular subject. If such kind of insights are provided to all stakeholders in each child’s academics then they can help in nurturing child’s potential

Personalized Feedback TM provides such insights. It is an attempt to empower the parents’ by providing them with how their child is performing in each part of a subject

Personalized feedback of your child will provide actionable insights on what and how much your child knows in each subject. These data insights will help you take active role in your child’s academics and will help you make informed decisions or take corrective actions

To make Parents life easy and empowering parents with quick
on how their child is doing in each subject
EdRubric made the product Personalized FeedbackTM.


Just imagine sitting in office and checking Personalized Feedback of your
child’s performance
during a tea break. Knowing exactly in which areas of subject
to strengthen
and in which areas to plug gaps.


Increased parent engagement in child’s academics


Empowering parents to take more accurate corrective actions.


Informed decision making

Academic research coupled with Data analytics help your child achieve excellence

Our academic team consists of experienced teachers, professors, engineers and subject specialist. Our content esp. assessment is crafted on proven methodologies such as Bloom’s taxonomy, NCERT NCF 2005, CBSE, State boards etc. These assessments are customized and personalized as per school’s requirement. They are seamlessly mapped to the school’s existing curriculum. Responses of children are fed in our proprietary Analytical Tool which generates insights about student’s learning in a particular subject. Such insights majorly are key learning indicators of a student in each subject.


“I am discovering a whole new side to my daughter that I never knew existed. And I have a feeling, so is she! Thank you, Edrubric”

Kanika Aggarwal


“I was always scared of Algebra. Now, it’s my favourite subject. In fact, I want to become a mathematician when I grow up.”

Aman Kidwai


“Let’s face it – Giving each student 100% attention, no matter how desirable, is practically impossible. But with its Personalized Feedback, that’s exactly what EdRubric has made possible. And that’s truly amazing!”

Pradeep Kakkar


“Our students aren’t just scoring better marks – I am noticing a certain eagerness to come to class that I have never seen before. Indeed, the entire school environment has changed – it’s a much happier place these days!”

Shashi Thadani


“Edrubrics hasn’t just unlocked talent in our students – it has clearly unleashed the power of my teaching team, too!”

Poonam Duggal