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Personalized Feedback for teachers and schools

Let’s together pledge
to bring a smile on every child’s face,
making them truly independent
& helping them achieve excellence

EdRubric’s Personalized Feedback TM

We dream of a nation where every individual discovers and realises her or his talents and potential.
We believe every child is born with a unique potential and an Individuality. That potential can be fulfilled when it is analysed and acted upon through data driven decision making, both independently and collectively. We set out to bring individuality in learning to ensure stronger foundations and revitalize the personalized touch in education. In our quest to create a better learning experience, we empower
stakeholders with Personalized Feedback TM to help the child fulfill his or her dreams.

The burning need of Personalized Feedback

Every child not only has a unique individuality and potential, but also a burning need to identify it. In efforts to form stronger foundations of a child, all stakeholders esp. parents, teachers and school authorities are having to spend way too much time trying to figure out strengths and gaps of students in each subject. If data insights about children are available to all stakeholders then their efforts, in forming stronger foundations, can be catalyzed and stakeholders will be rightly placed to corrective actions before the damage is done

How It’s Made:

The need of individual feedback for each student made us explore more. In our research we spoke to policy makers in education system and schools. We got to know the very interesting fact that the National Curriculum Framework 2005 has proclaimed that individual learning is very important for each student and that the school’s curriculum should be mapped with it. School authorities have done great job in aligning themselves in providing Personalized learning, We thought of taking the help of esteemed gurus and experienced teachers in strengthening efforts of all stakeholders in providing quality education to students. We provide assessments based on proven methodologies such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, CBSE, NCF 2005, state boards, SOLO (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes) Taxonomy etc. These assessments are customized as per schools curriculum.

How It’s Made:

Once research is done, they are fed in our proprietary Learning Analytical Tools which generate actionable insights – throwing light on Key Learning Indicators of each Student in each subject. These granular insights are accessible to Parents, Teachers and School Management easily online and offline. They provide detailed analysis of each student as well as that of the overall class. This makes students more focused on what and how to study well, as teachers and parents are now able to guide them better. The information also indicates a student’s interest in a particular field, as it analyses how much a student has grasped a chapter of a subject.


  • Academic research
    based on scientific methods

  • +

  • Big Data
    data mining

  • =

  • Personalized

Personalized FeedbackTM
assists in forming stronger foundations of students

Smart report card

Sophisticated Learning Analytics for never-before insights


Personalized FeedbackTM for instant remedial measures


Seamless integration with curriculum, with no extra effort


Empowered institutions to track student’s performance


Proven results! 30% increase in school’s overall performance

Simple to use for schools and
educational institutions

EdRubric’s Personalized FeedbackTM is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing curriculum,
thereby ensuring zero disruption to the regular learning routine.


“I am discovering a whole new side to my daughter that I never knew existed. And I have a feeling, so is she! Thank you, Edrubric”

Kanika Aggarwal


“I was always scared of Algebra. Now, it’s my favourite subject. In fact, I want to become a mathematician when I grow up.”

Aman Kidwai


“Let’s face it – Giving each student 100% attention, no matter how desirable, is practically impossible. But with its Personalized Feedback, that’s exactly what EdRubric has made possible. And that’s truly amazing!”

Pradeep Kakkar


“Our students aren’t just scoring better marks – I am noticing a certain eagerness to come to class that I have never seen before. Indeed, the entire school environment has changed – it’s a much happier place these days!”

Shashi Thadani


“Edrubrics hasn’t just unlocked talent in our students – it has clearly unleashed the power of my teaching team, too!”

Poonam Duggal